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Non-SD Modelling and Simulation Techniques

Prof Andreas Größler and his team from the Department of Operations
Management at the University of Stuttgart will offer a week-long course
that introduces non-SD modelling and simulation techniques for PhD
candidates that already have acquired some knowledge with system
dynamics. While necessarily the treatment of these other methods needs
to remain on a fundamental level, in particular their relation to and
the differences with system dynamics will be discussed in the course,
with the goal to make a more informed choice between methods.
Furthermore, possibilities for hybrid modelling approaches will become
clearer. Like in all courses of the ESDPhD programme, there will be
ample opportunity to present and discuss the individual research

projects of the doctoral students.

Consistent with the ESDPhD network design, this course is open to all

interested doctoral candidates with a basic knowledge of system

dynamics. We expect about 10 participants.

Deadline for registration: 25 January 2020 per email to

andreas.groessler@bwi.uni-stuttgart.de. I’m also happy to answer
questions about the course.

Letter of attendance (with indication of EC equivalence)




Feb.24-28, 2020


University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Deutschland